Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Second Day Happenings

The second day of school is officially in the books! The kiddos worked extremely hard today, especially during Math Workshop. We introduced a new game called Race to 20. They spent a good 25 minutes playing this game with a partner. We are working on our workstation expectations and what it should look like and sound like during this time. Next week the students will participate in our Math Workstation Rotation independently, so we are really trying to create good habits this week.

In Reader's Workshop we are working on our reading stamina. We talked about the word stamina today and what it means. Each day we will build our reading stamina. I was highly impressed with everyone today!! We read for 5 MINUTES in our Book Nooks with ZERO interruptions. It was amazing for the first day. I am excited to see what tomorrow holds!

We are really practicing our classroom expectations for 1st grade. I have very high expectations for my 1st graders and am looking forward to watching them reach their full potential this year! Thank you for encouraging their best behavior at school.

-Please help your child remember their student ID number. This serves as their Cafeteria number to buy lunch AND their computer ID.
-The Free Write Journals are due back to school September 4th. Please help your child decorate the front with pictures of their family, friends, hobbies, favorite things, etc...
-Spelling will start next week. This year there is not a pretest. All words will be sent home Monday and the test will remain on Fridays.
-I sent home the Info Snap Sheet from the office yesterday. Please correct any wrong information or sign and date if everything is correct. Please send it back in your child's BEE folder ASAP! 

I hope you have a great evening with your families!
As always, please know my door is always open. Feel free to shoot me an email!
Mrs. Springer

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