Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy 1st Day of School

What a wonderful first day of school! I loved meeting all of your children. Boy did we have a BUSY day! We spent the morning going over classroom expectations and creating a list of norms for our classroom. The kids were very collaborative and all felt like "treating others with respect" was very important. I have such a kind group of students. We also created a class graph during math. The kids graphed how they will be getting home. I was highly impressed with their graphing skills. We have quite the classroom full of Mathematicians. During Writer's Workshop, we wrote about how we felt on the first day of school after reading First Day Jitters. They did a great job!! Overall, we had a fast and furious day. I am so impressed with their behavior and willingness to learn. I know this will be a FANTASTIC year! Keep checking back for more updates! :0) Mrs. Springer

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